OSVR Core (v396) and Unity Plugin (v42) updates

New features:


Handle external VRPN servers specified in routing directives. This allows running the game on one machine and having some sensors on other machines
* Add OSVR HDK tracker to supported devices. This is detected automatically
* Add alternate config file for users who see x right y down when facing the screen in the sensor suite.
* Add OSVR_calibrate calibration app that provides a zero point for the tracker

– Add sample config file for external VRPN server routing.
– Fix/elaborate docs on demo apps.
– Compile-time optional verbose output during USB HID enumeration.
– Add method to directly read the routes from within the server process.
– If server is running when a route is added, re-send routes after the addition. This allows the server to remain running after stopping/starting the application
– Add sample config file for HDK. Requires calibration


In general, make sure you re-import the Unity plugin to take advantage of new features and bug fixes
– Add initial demo assets
– Add tooltip to clientkit components
– Add InterfaceCallback prefab
– Update readme in plugin directory
– Add info on using buttons/analogs.

Bug fixes:
– Avoid t5rying to connect to the same Hydra more than once
– Silence “can’t get to server” messages from vrpn remotes
– Update VRPN for additional HDK VID/PID pair.
– Improve performance of YEI tracker
– Reduce the number of executables we install directly into the bin dir.
– Make sure getting routes is safe threading-wise.
– Add a mutex to enable external call-controlled to succeed eventually if the loop is running
– Automatically handle COM ports of any number on Windows.
– Mark calibration-added transforms, and strip them when calibrating again.

– Make sure we disconnect from the OSVR server when the game object is destroyed
– Make the demo assets ASCII
– Delete list of callbacks on stop.

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