OSVR Now Available On Steam

OSVR supported titles & hardware are now playable on Steam.

 SAN FRANCISCO – Co-founders of Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR), the largest open source virtual reality consortium in the world, today announced a Steam update that provides support for OSVR content on Steam. The news means that universal VR content is now accessible through a single point of distribution.

“This is a great milestone for VR, giving users access to more hardware and content and driving Valve’s and OSVR’s shared vision of totally open VR content to everyone,” says Christopher Mitchell, OSVR Lead, Razer.

“OSVR makes it easy for game developers to support hundreds of devices and for hardware vendors to tap into top-notch content,” says Yuval Boger, CEO of Sensics. “OSVR content on Steam makes it easier than ever to distribute and obtain OSVR-compatible content.”

“We are delighted to announce support for OSVR titles,” said Valve’s Augusta Butlin. “Steam is an open platform for all developers, and adding support for OSVR further expands the massive content offerings for the millions of gamers on Steam.”

Accessing OSVR content on Steam:

OSVR icons next to compatible content and added filter functions will allow users of OSVR compatible hardware, including the HDK series of headsets, to narrow their searches for OSVR-enabled experiences.

Growing list of OSVR content:

The OSVR Developer Fund is an up-to-5-million-dollar initiative that incentivizes developers to spur VR technology development through the production of open-platform content.

The fund has seen hundreds of applications since its availability last July, with 32 titles already available or on the way to the platform. (List of titles under annex)

About OSVR:

OSVR™ is the world’s largest open source VR software platform designed to set an open standard for virtual reality input devices, games and output to enable the development of a cohesive VR ecosystem which provides enhanced compatibility and hardware choices to anyone looking to enjoy VR.  Supported by industry leaders, the OSVR framework unites developers and gamers alike under a single platform. Plug in. Play Everything.

For the full list of OSVR supporters go to www.osvr.org

Like OSVR on FB: https://www.facebook.com/OpenSourceVR.

Follow OSVR on Twitter: https://twitter.com/OpenSource_VR.

Press Contacts:

Razer PR:

United States

Kevin Scarpati

Alain Mazer (Global Director of Public Relations)

Jan Horak

Asia Pacific
Nicholas Ferguson

Evita Zhang

Sensics PR

Katherine Verducci


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 VR Content available/coming to OSVR:

  1. Limb
  2. Abduction Prologue: The Jonathan Blake Story (Demo)
  3. Abduction Episode 1: Her Name Was Sarah
  4. PolyRunner
  5. RC Soccer VR
    • Developer: Beatshapers
  6. StarDrone VR
    • Developer: Beatshapers
  7. Theme Park Studio
  8. Alice VR
    • Developer: Carbon Studios
    • http://alice-vr.com/
  9. Infinite
  10. The Hum: Abductions
  11. Redout
  12. The Brookhaven Experiment
  13. A-10
  14. Descent: Underground
  15. Radial-G : Racing Revolved
  16. CDF Starfighter
  17. Bloxiq VR
  18. Blind
  19. Chamber19
  20. Leave The Nest
    • Developer: Kaio Interactive
    • http://www.ki-games.com/
  21. Marble Mountain
  22. Domain Defense: VR
  23. The Assembly
  24. 4089
  25. 5089: The Action RPG
  26. Frantic Freighter
  27. Spermination
  28. MazerQuest|Revisited
  29. Toy Coliseum
  30. Drift Into Eternity
  31. FIVE: Champions of Canaan
  32. Mervils: A VR Adventure

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