Improved Device Plugin Kit (v63)

A new release of OSVR core (build #63, corresponding to git commit e7e4fccbefe29792b6c6277d266a64f5df646767) has been deployed to

This release makes it easier to build device plugins and includes new example programs on how to do so: one example for an analog interface (e.g. game controller) and one that combines analog, button and tracker interfaces. This is all covered under the ‘PluginKit’ area of the documentation and source code.

The release also includes numerous small improvements and bug fixes including:
– Sample analog plugin.
– Clean up samples.
– Basic setup methods for the three base interfaces.
– Improve documentation
– Add a constructor method prototype.
– Add generic deleter right to C++ interface of plugin context.
– Add prototypes for orientation reports.
– Generate and submit json in analog plugin
– Change self-contained plugin to be based on the AnalogSync example and include json.
– Doxygen groups for analog/button/tracker pluginkit.
– Update readme file.
– Change default config file to use the OSVR HDK head tracker, and rename some other configs.
– Check serial port state before opening YEI device, printing just a single readable error message.
– Move normalization logic into the serial port helper functions.

We look forward to your comments and feedback. Any questions or issues? email

Thank you for being part of OSVR!

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