Improved Unity plugin (v92), new Unreal and Vuzix plugins

We wanted to briefly update you on several OSVR improvements: an improved Unity plugin, a new plugin for Unreal Engine and a new plugin for Vuzix HMDs.

Improved Unity plugin

Version 92 of the Unity plugin adds several new improvements:

  • Compatibility with Unity 5
  • Added distortion correction shader that uses parameters from the display JSON descriptor (discovered through the distortionizer tool)
  • Support for wide-field HMDs with partial binocular overlap such as the Sensics dSight and VRUnion Claire
  • Performance improvements
  • Added file to summarize recent changes

We also updated the whitepaper describing how to convert Oculus Unity projects to OSVR Unity projects. It can be found at

New Unreal Engine plugin

The Unreal Engine plugin is now public on Github. Please visit or

New plugin for Vuzix HMDs

This new plugin supports Wrap1200 and iWear 720 HMDs. Find the source code here or download the latest build here:

This plugin enables OSVR applications to run on Vuzix products. We are continuing to add support for additional vendors.

These latest updates also include contribution from the OSVR community. Interested in contributing? Start here:

Any questions or issues? email

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