New OSVR Resources and Platform Updates

We wanted to update you regarding three news items regarding OSVR:

  • Availability of new repository for interface definitions
  • New instructional resources for OSVR
  • Config files for additional devices

OSVR interface specs and device integration proposals

A new Github repository is made public covering interface specs and device integration proposals. An interface – a pipe of data – is an important concept in OSVR. The repository includes specific types of interfaces such as:

  • Eye tracking
  • Locomotion (such as an “omnidirectional treadmill”)
  • Skeleton
  • Enhanced tracker
  • Imaging
  • Analog
  • Buttons

It includes discussions on how to factor vendor-specific devices into OSVR interfaces as well as graphML diagrams of the proposals.

We decided it’s best to have these discussions in the open to allow all the interested developers to follow and contribute to the formation of the OSVR interfaces. Contributions and comments are most welcome!

New instructional resources for OSVR:

  • New SlideShare presentation and speaker notes regarding path trees. OSVR maintains a “path tree” – similar to a URL or file system path – in which all the sensing and rendering data is made available. Aliases are configured in the server to essentially redirect from a semantic path (a path with a meaningful name) all the way back to the system-specific hardware details. Thus, while direct device access by name is possible, we recommend accessing semantic paths. Just like a game allows mapping of various buttons to various game actions, OSVR allows defining the connection between interfaces, analysis plugins and actions. The connection between interfaces can be pre-loaded or can be changed dynamically. This presentation covers this important OSVR concept.
  • New SlideShare presentation and speaker notes providing introduction to OSVR hardware and software.
  • New 5-minute video showing how to integrate OSVR with Unity.

We welcome any requests for additional instructional material.

Configuration files for additional devices

Now that we have made it easy to import VRPN devices into OSVR, we’ve created OSVR config files for several of them, including:

  • Xbox controller S
  • Xbox Controller 360
  • Sidewinder
  • Sidewinder 2
  • Afterglow AX1
  • Saitek ST290
  • Logitech Extrem 3D Pro mouse
  • Futaba InterLink Elite
  • Griffin PowerMate
  • ART Dtrack flystick

These files can be found under bin/external-devices in the binary snapshots.

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