OSVR platform updates, Android distro and more

We wanted to update you about several new capabilities of OSVR:

  • OSVR Android build and example program
  • New developer discussion list
  • Support for additional HMDs
  • New imager interface
  • New MonoGame engine integration

Android Distribution for OSVR

OSVR remains committed to providing multi-platform, multi-engine, multi-device support. We have now released an initial Android OSVR distribution (fully open-sourced, of course) and also a simple Unity demo (“OSVR Palace” which also works on Windows) to go with it. Visit osvr.github.io, your gateway to the OSVR source code or the OSVR-Android Github project directly at https://github.com/OSVR/OSVR-Android-Build

New developer discussion list and archive

This new list allows you to directly communicate with other members of the OSVR community as well as to review archives of previous discussions. You can manage your subscription, view message archives as well as view our etiquette guidelines  at http://lists.getosvr.org/listinfo.cgi/osvr-devel-getosvr.org

If you are receiving this OSVR update, it does not mean that you are automatically subscribed to the OSVR mailing list, so please register to the developer discussion list if you are interested.

Support for additional HMDs

We added JSON device descriptors for several HMDs including those from Vuzix, Oculus, VRVana and Sensics. These provide support for various resolutions, various number of video inputs (where supported) and distortion correction coefficients. By selecting the device descriptor, an OSVR application can automatically (without re-compiling) adapt to new HMDs. This continues our drive to support an ever-growing list of peripherals and displays. Adding a display descriptor is easy and we welcome submissions for additional models.

New Imager Interface

The imager interface allows receiving video streams from connected cameras, both locally and over the network. Multiple OSVR applications can subscribe to the same video stream. Images are sent using an OpenCV format, allowing immediate access to the the de-facto open-source standard for computer vision and image processing. Imagers are useful for a wide range of applications: augmented reality, SLAM, face recognition and more. Devices such as Leap Motion also provide an imaging interface. The imager interface also includes sample programs.

MonoGame plugin

MonoGame is a free software used by game developers to make their Windows and Windows Phone games run on other systems. It currently supports Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android, PlayStation Mobile, and the OUYA console. It implements the Microsoft XNA 4 Application programming interface.

The OSVR plugin for MonoGame (thanks @JeroMiya !) connects OSVR to MonoGame and allows MonoGame apps to run on OSVR-supported HMDs and hardware. See an introductory video here

Additional game engine integrations are coming!

As always, the OSVR team with the support of the community is continously adding smaller features and addressing known issues. You can see all of these on Github such as in this linkfor OSVR Core

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