OSVR developer fund //
The OSVR Developer Fund is a $5 million dollar growing fund initiated by Razer designed to encourage VR content developers to support the open ecosystem.
OSVR knows that VR content developers can’t afford to be limited by walled gardens and closed ecosystems. By supporting OSVR, developers can not only remain focused on creating the best VR experience without any limitations, but instantly gain audience as new VR platforms get released.

This fund is open to all developers, indie or major, to apply. For every successful applicant, OSVR funding partners will purchase copies of their content in exchange for OSVR integration.
The list of benefits:

Marketing and Promotional Support

Showcase Opportunities at Trade Events

Hardware Support

Partner Support

More to be added!
Collectively, by leveraging the OSVR ecosystem, we help drive availability of VR content on all VR hardware to ensure the industry succeeds and reaches its’ immense potential.
Terms & Conditions

  1. Payment is made via wire-transfer.
  2. Submitting to Boost! does not guarantee approval.
  3. Amount of Boost! funding varies on a per-title basis.
  4. Developers must maintain non-exclusive OSVR support for a minimum of 1-year from release date (excludes early-access / pre-release).
  5. Developers retain full creative rights and control over their IP. You made it, you own it!
  6. OSVR will use approved marketing collateral for promotional use.
  7. OSVR reserves the right to purchase additional copies of the title at pre-agreed upon rate, for not-for-resale purposes.

*Full list of T&C’s are outlined in final contract.

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