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Virtual Reality
  • What is Virtual Reality?
  • What is required to experience Virtual Reality?
  • What do I need to run Virtual Reality hardware?
  • What is OSVR?
  • What does it mean to be open source?
  • Who is supporting OSVR?
  • Is OSVR the same as Oculus?
  • What is the HDK?
  • Why is it called a Hacker Development Kit? Is it for developers or consumers?
  • What content is available for the HDK?
  • What are the system requirements for the HDK?
  • Where do I purchase the HDK?
OSVR Content
  • What types of content can I run on the HDK or OSVR compatible HMDs?
  • Does OSVR only support games?
  • Can I play Oculus or HTC Vive content on the HDK and OSVR compatible HMDs?
  • Can my Oculus Rift or HTC Vive run OSVR content?
  • Does OSVR have a content store?
  • I’m having trouble running my OSVR content.
Setting up the HDK
  • Need help setting up the HDK?
  • I’m having trouble getting the ideal fit for my HDK.
  • How do I adjust the focus on the OSVR Hacker Development Kit?
  • Why is the HDK’s Belt Box important?
  • My IR Positional Tracking Camera is not working.
  • Maintaining the HDK’s facemask
  • Maintaining the HDK’s lenses.
  • The display on my OSVR Hacker Development Kit is not working.
  • The latency on my OSVR Hacker Development Kit is high.
  • I’m suffering from motion sickness, what do I do?
Need Support?
  • I need general hardware and software support.
  • What are the warranty terms for the HDK?
How do I run OSVR experiences?
  • I’m having trouble running my OSVR content running.